Review of Inspired “Adopt, Foster, Sponsor…” Phone Case

I got my “Adopt, Foster, Sponsor, Volunteer, Donate, Educate” phone case from

Back of the Adopt phone case from

Inspired Cases is a division of Ecommerce Innovations, a family run, minority owned, internet-based company specializing in consumer related products. Founded in 2003, Ecommerce Innovations is made up of four separate entities to date. Other properties in the Ecommerce Innovations family include and :


  • They ship fast.
  • Text messaging option to alert you when your product is shipped. And delivered.
  • Looks nice. Especially the back of the case with the “Adopt, Foster, Sponsor…” message (it looks just like the poster).
  • Good die-cut job. All the openings exactly where they should be.
  • Came inside a nice enough case…heavy textured paper or poly something or the otherinspired cases phone bag . A pro only if you are like me and throw your phone in your purse with lots of other crap. NO, I don’t keep my phone in your back pocket or one of those phone holsters or iow, connected to me at all times. My iPhone and I don’t have aren’t in a relationship like that LMAO!!!!!
  • Minority-owned, family-run business.


  • It is semi-pliable plastic. Easy to slip on….a positive, BUT not so sure how durable it will be.
Inside of Adopt phone case

Bottom line:

Decent quality for $10.99, but not the greatest value if it had cost the $20+ or so it was supposedly discounted from. Not even $15 (the before coupon price). Maybe because I am a cheapskate when it comes to such things.

On the other hand if it turns out to be a “How to Help Shelter Animals and End Animal Homelessness” conversation starter and I get more people interested in the cause, well…maybe my little phone case will end up being:


There are a lot of animal and cause related designs available at , including this one which love, love: