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It Takes a Village

Woof & Meow is an “awareness raising, tug-at-your-heartstrings, get-you-thinking, activate practical action” online publication aiming to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals–especially those in the Chicago south suburbs.
Through features pictures, stories, articles and more, we hope to inspire people (again, especially in the Chicago Southland) to care about shelter and other homeless animals. And most importantly, to get involved in one fashion or another (like the poster says) with the ultimate goal of helping our animal friends connect with people who love them and will care for them in the manner they deserve. And of course helping them find forever homes.
Woof & Meow is curated and published by Chi-Southland Animal Friends Society, a newly formed social enterprise, started by Chicago south suburban resident Gayle Smith.  Chi-Southland Animal Friends Society was started to bring together people who like her, want shelter and other homeless animals to have the opportunities that her last companion, Kuma. did (as well as all the other companion animals that have graced our lives).
Kuma was a beautiful, gentle soul of a dog (though it took a lot of love and a number of years before he found his true self).
He could have easily become one of those shelter animals who got euthanized first, because of his dark coloring, bigness (German Shepard and Great Dane as far as we can guess and 120 lbs at his peak), and reactive nature (most probably due to being left aside and verbally abused his first two years of life we think). Kuma got a long (13 to15 years) happy life full of caring, loving human animals because of a wonderful shelter employee who extolled his virtues to Gayle’s mother and daughter who adopted him from a Chicago shelter and took him to Northwest Indiana.

What We Do


As part of our efforts to help homeless animals and promote animal companionship in people’s lives, we identify sheltering, rescue and sanctuary groups to become “Friends of…” which includes making donations  and highlighting animals for adoption.  Note that we are not an animal shelter or rescue organization so we do not have homeless animals available for adoption.

Overall, we use our strengths in education, marketing/outreach, and practical action to call attention to animal related causes, organizations, and projects to make a difference in the lives of animals–and people–with a focus on the Chicago Southland.


Will You Join Us?

Are you a writer, artist, photographer, poet, essayist or other type of creative looking for a venue to showcase your work? We are looking for compelling content from outside contributors to Woof & Meow. Folks who are passionate about companion animals (whether they are in a shelter, rescue, foster situation or your own pet). People like us that want to shed a bright light on the beautiful benefits of pet ownership and animal companionship. If so, use the contact form to reach out to us with your idea. Do keep in mind, however, that we do not pay for submissions at this time.
We are partial to content showcasing companion animals. And while Woof & Meow was named after the number #1 and #2 pets people have, we aren’t limiting our focus to them. We’re looking to inspire and tug at people’s heartstrings so they will get involved like the poster says, so we prefer material that puts a positive spin on things, showcasing the wonder and other benefits of having animal companions in our lives.

This kind of content has proven to have a stronger positive effect on adoption rates and the movement toward pets being family (as opposed to just being “resident animals”) than heartbreaking stories…though these stories do influence opening their purse strings to donate to to individual animals, especially those with medical or special needs.

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