I’ve long been enamored of the German pubs and bluestockings salons where the students, artists and intelligentsia gathered to debate the ideas of the day.

A great good place…a.k.a. third place.

The most passionate and activist among them looking to disrupt current thinking and influence, even remake society. Not that I think it was all serious and revolutionary. Surely some came to drink in the communal, convivial atmosphere…listening to both light and serious topics being debated around them, enjoying the drinking of a heady  draft.  Jokes, gossip, a salacious bon mot or two.

Until G Smith Ideas on Tap becomes a physical great good place (maybe in the Greater Chicagoland area where I live or maybe somewhere else), it aims to recreate a great good place online to discouver and debate the ideas of the day. I started out thinking this we would cover a broad variety of topics, just like those that come up in pubs-salons, but have chosen to focus many of my posts and topics on the areas of work, jobs, careers and business.

Largely because I have spent the past 25+ years in educational publishing being around textbooks and professional books where I’ve had to think about work, jobs, careers and business a bunch. Plus I am a serial micro-entrepreneur, who had a business once called The Success Toolbox that taught people job hunting and career development stuff. I did that while in college the second time as a non-traditional student. I loved helped other students (and adults) figure out where their passions lay, find their next job and navigate a changing work-career world.

So I’m doing it again. Because the world’s still a-changing. And we want to be a part of helping people find their happy place.

Melanie Pinola @Lifehacker states this beautifully:

Your ideal career is at the interaction of flow and meaning.

No doubt, more socio-political to frivolous topics (think fashion, celebrities, good food and drink) may come up too. I can’t help it. The desire to influence and remake the world is a large part of who I am.