The One Thing You Need for a Happier (Good) Dog & (Good) Life Too

The hardest thing for people to put into practice, whether it be in training their dog or just life in general, is PATIENCE.   And it only seems to be getting worse. We want the things we want and we want them now. And our society gives us the false belief that we should get things when we want them. 24 hour delivery. Prime now. Facebook likes and shares. It’s a constant source of adrenaline.   So when we want our dogs to act or behave in a certain way, we expect them to provide the same instantaneous result for us.  

But it just doesn’t work that way. the rest at Jessica L Fisher

In general, I am NOT the world’s most patient person. With one exception.


I cut anything a break that doesn’t have the voice–nor advanced neocortex higher order reasoning powers–that human animals are supposed to have. Notice I said supposed to. Many of us don’t. And all of us are challenged in that department from time to time.

Still, I tend to expect a world more from human animals than the non-human ones. Candy, is a lesson, in leveling up my reserves of patience and how important training is.

Still waiting to find the high level treat that Candy will want more than running in the opposite direction when I call her to come inside (hence still being leashed)

She’s a rat terrier. A breed known for being stubborn. Though both she and I prefer to call it “independence.” I have a reputation for being stubborn (or “difficult” as my ex-husband used in lieu of my middle name). We both like carving our own paths. Doing life in our own way.

That doesn’t mean that we won’t ever, never conform. Being the smart creatures we are, both Candy and I will do what others ask of us. But only when we convinced it makes sense (we consider ourselves to be super conscious, rational animals). And you’ll get our attention faster when there is a “high value treat” involved.

Because like I said, we are rational, practical-minded beings.

Who love treats.

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