National Rescue Dog Day

Yesterday, Monday, May 20th, was National Rescue Dog Day. Truth be told, I didn’t know. Partly because I’m still new to the what nots and going-ons associated with shelter and rescue animal world.

And also because I was meeting with one of the volunteers with Half-Way Home Animal Rescue (you know the group I met at the Chicago Pet Show).

Why, you ask?

Because on Sunday, I took the plunge. I agreed to foster my first animal (see above). A dog named Candy who they pulled from one of the rural shelters they work with. And yes I’m scared. It’s my first foster dog. And it feels like a huge responsibility.

And a gratifying one. Because Candy, like all the animals Half-Way Animal Home Rescue works with, had a “due date.” Which is what they also say about animals when they go onto the euthanasia list.

Candy, my new, first foster dog.

Which of course, isn’t fair. Look at those eyes. You think how could they even think of ending the life of this beautiful, sweet-eyed girl. But like my ma used to say, life isn’t always fair.

Fostering an animal, of course, is a way of righting that wrong.

I meet Candy this Friday.

Stay tuned.

P.S. Check out the rescue’s Facebook page to see the other animals with due dates that they would like to save. If they can’t find fosters and sponsors, they won’t be able to which is heartbreaking.

P.S.S. The “official day” may have passed, but we think every day should be National Rescue Dog Day. And Rescue Cat Dog. And Rescue Guinea Pig, Chinchilla, and other small animal day. Or Rescue Wild Horses Day. And Rescue Wild Birds that Have Fallen From Their Nests Day. Well, you get the picture.

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