Dogs (& other companion animals) Make Life All the Richer

My life is richer for the presence of my dogs. Not just my dogs alone, but all the dogs which have slept in my lap, run across fields where I’ve played with them, or leaned out of car windows as I’ve driven by. I have fed them, held them, massaged their necks, rubbed their bellies, and thrown them sticks and toys as far as my arms could reach. They have chased me, caught me, and licked me until I had to surrender. I have grown up with them and watched them grow up with me, and I’ve sadly watched some pass on. On occasion I have helped to heal them, and more often they have helped to heal me. I have taught them some things of importance: how to sit, how to shake hands, and how to roll over. In turn, they have taught me to believe in the constant goodness that seems to emanate so easily from their gentle and loving nature.”
–John Hurley (from J. Peterman Senifeld fame), It’s Okay to Miss the Bed On the First Jump

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