Notable Adoptable: Meet Fran

Found some photos of Fran, the cutie patootie, I visited at the Half-Way Home Animal Rescue (Orland Park, IL) booth at the Chicago Pet Show this past weekend. Her story follows.

Fran, a Pomeranian-Dachshund mix (most likely), looking for her forever home

Meet Fran! Fran is a sweet and gentle girl who loves to snuggle and give kisses. This 5 year old, 9lb sweetie was rescued from the recent hoarding situation from which we pulled 18 dogs. We believe she is a dachsund/Pomeranian mix. After a long life of sharing (and probably fighting) for any scrap she could get, Fran is looking to be the queen of her castle (no dogs, no cats)!

She’s gained 2lbs in our care and has another pound or two to go to reach her optimal weight. It took about a month for Fran to allow her foster mom to pet her, and once she realized how wonderful snuggles are she just couldn’t get enough! Fran melts into your arms and loves being carried on your hip.

Because of the rough life she lived, with very little exposure to the outdoors, Fran is still working on outdoor potty training, but is very willing to use potty pads indoors (we’re about 90% consistent with pad training, with the occasional “miss”). She loves food and treats, and will happily spend an entire day chewing on a bully stick.

If you think you’re the right forever family for sweet Fran, please send an application to

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