SB 61: If You Live in Illinois and Want to Help Homeless Animals, Please Write Your Senator About This Issue. Now!

If you live in Illinois and want to do something that only takes a wee bit of time to help homeless animals–and specifically rectify a situation in our state that increases the costs for foster-based organization–I urge you to contact Senators Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin about SB 61.

You can use the draft message on the the Best Friends’ website and go through through their site. I was a bit of a dunce on sending my email through there, as I wanted to personalize it with a mention of why I care (just a line about Kuma, who was originally a shelter dog and a few hare’s breaths from being put down as I talk about on here). So I opted to contact “my representative” directly through their website.

If you do that, don’t be a dunce times two and write your House representative first, completely missing that SB stands for Senate Bill.


Perhaps my first clue should have been how she didn’t have an Issue category for animals and animal rights (Durbin’s site even fills this in on your message) like the Senators do.

I am such an idiot sometimes and I mean that in the kindest way (chuckling to myself).

Embarrassed flush face emoji

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