5 year old
Black and Tan Chihuahua
He is Amazing with all dogs, cats and people.

Credit: Half-Way Home Animal Rescue

Like most foster-based rescues, Half-Way Home Animal Rescue doesn’t have a location you can just drop in on but had Orland Park (Chicago Southwest) on their signage. Most of the rest of the rescue groups and the one shelter I visted (animal House Shelter, Inc in Huntley IL) are based in the northern part of Chicagoland. So you can understand why I was so excited to run into them.

Not to mention they by far were the folks that I connected with the best.

One of their “front people” Angie is exactly the kind of person I had in mind when choosing rescues and shelters to connect with. Outgoing, warm, informative, attending to people who visited their booth as individuals, spending time with each of us.

Because of her and the other volunteers manning their booth as well as a cute Pomerarian-Daschaund mix (as far as they can guess) named Fran, I took the step of completing a fostering application. I want to take a dip into fostering waters by trying short-term fostering.

While Lulu’s Rescue Locker (a Frankfort IL based rescue which I made a donation too last month) does ISO (isolation) fostering (maybe other situations too, but I haven’t reached out to them personally yet), Half-Way Home Animal Rescue reserves it for those cases when foster parents go out of town or otherwise for a few days or couple of weeks or so. You need to fill out a fostering application whether it’s short or long term, so I did (with some trepidation…it feels like a big step 🙂

Sampson and Sophie are a bonded brother and sister, 11-yr old Yorkies

I have to get back into the swing of taking pictures of everything, so unfortunately, I didn’t get any photos of the adorable dogs (and one cat–a calico– who came when I was leaving) and the wonderful volunteers there. So I am including those of the animals at the show taken off the rescue’s website (Fran isn’t up there for me to include). I was so taken with how the animals just went with the flow…well with one minor incident. They were calm, not barking or otherwise over stimulated, interacting with random people and kids who wanted to pet them. As Angie said, this says loads about their marvelous foster parents.

The one thing I want to add for now is that Half-Way Home Rescue works with many rural rescue groups and specializes in getting animals who are days if not hours away from being put down. Meeting their director on the way out, she told me that I would be amazed at the number of pure breed dogs that get euthanized to “free up” space along with small dogs.

You see my research showed that a lot of folks prefer small dogs (especially seniors and urban apartment dwellers), so I was surprised to see the number of small dogs there. I thought Angie said that most of their rescues do get adopted pretty quickly. Maybe small dogs within a week ( but don’t quote me as I may have misunderstood):

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