Checking Out Chicago Pet Show Oak Lawn IL 2019

As mentioned in the About page, part of Chi-Southland Animal Friends Society’s mission is to highlight shelters and rescue groups to call attention to their work and animals as we aren’t a shelter or rescue group ourselves.

For me personally, it is very important to feel a connection to any organization that I want to get personally involved with. So while I have started to make the rounds to visit shelters in the Chicago south suburbs, it’s been a harder go getting a feel for them and getting the rundown on them so far (maybe because I have to go after work and on weekends and because those are peak times for them, there just isn’t the time).

And as most rescue groups don’t have a physical locale the public can drop in on being foster-based, that wouldn’t be possible anyway.

So when I saw the Chicago Pet Show announcement on my feed, I decided to check it out. Especially as Ava of Ava’s Pet Palace was going to be there. She’s an 11 year Kidpreneur who has taken her passion for animals and started a pet treats company.

Ava in her Ava’s Pet Palace booth at the Chicago Pet Show in Oak Lawn IL May 3rd opening
Close-up of Ava of Ava’s Pet Palace.

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